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This wiki is intended to index moments of consensual incest in fiction. This is not intended to actually host erotica or erotic stories, but rather to act as a way to find scenes of incest in:

Prospective additions/edits

Additions to this Wiki are welcome. If you have any titles to suggest, go here and edit the page to add your suggestion. A brief description of why you think it should be on the wiki would be good. If you have/have access to one of the movies you see on the suggestions page, please consider add it to the wiki (and then scratching it off the list).

There are templates and notes on additions to help. You do not need to be a member of this Wiki to add pages. Obviously every situation has its peculiarities, but we ask that you use the templates when possible (you'll get a list when you click "New Page"), and add tags ("brother-sister incest", "peeping nude", etc) to tie similar pages together. And make sure that the page you're about to add doesn't already exist under a different title. A search for the title you're adding should bring up an entry, even if it's under a different title (this is the purpose for "Alternate Title").

If you're looking for something to fix, check out pages missing information to find a list of pages with the "Missing Information" tag. There are also several "stubs" for movies; partial pages that act as a placeholder for movies that do involve incest, but have not been fully added to the this wiki; they can be found here.


Different people have different definitions of "incest", of course, and even within each country the definition of what's acceptably-distant varies. For the purposes of this site, incest involves direct family line; not in-laws, because of the artificial nature of the relationship, though step-parents, step-siblings, and even aunts and uncles by-marriage will be considered, though this is stretching things a little bit. There's no blood tests required to fit the relationships involved here, but works should generally fit within these criteria. As well as portrayed relationships, though, if the actors themselves are related and their characters have a romantic relationship, that will be documented as well. Consensual incest is the focus of this site; unrequited lust is acceptable, but rape is not. If you have any other questions about terminology, definitions are provided here.

Note for copyright holders

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