Summary Information

  • Title: A Bell from Hell
  • Alternate Title: La campana del infierno
  • Alternate Title: A due passi dall'inferno
  • Alternate Title: Bell from Hell
  • Alternate Title: Ein Toter lacht als letzter
  • Alternate Title: La cloche de l'enfer
  • Alternate Title: Oi kabanes tis kolaseos
  • Alternate Title: Os Sinos do Inferno
  • Year: 1973
  • Produced in: Spain
  • Film length: 91 min
  • Language: Spanish[1]
  • Film type: Mainstream
  • Incest summary: Cousin-cousin

Relevant Characters

Renaud Verley
Maribel Martín
Nuria Gimeno
Christina von Blanc (as Christine Betzner)

Specific Scenes

Incest Type
John, María, Teresa
Foreplay non-nude, Implied
Esther, María, and Teresa arrive home from the sea and find Marta and John waiting. They all have tea together. John is jokes that he's totally insane now and touches María frequently, making her somewhat uncomfortable. She greets him and he mockingly asks, "How's Mr. Supermarket?" Marta chides that he should use María's fiance's name. Esther jokes about María bearing supermarkets for her fiance. John strokes María's face and hair. Teresa, without looking at him, remarks that she isn't happy to see him and asks why he's there. John explains that he's been paroled pending his arraignment. Marta mentions that she hasn't changed, and doesn't want John to waste her sister's money. John begins to suggest that they meet at his house, but Teresa interrupts to angrily assert, "It won't be your house for long." "She'll never forgive you for that night...," Esther begins. Teresa angrily tries to shut her up. Esther raises her chin and completes, "...when you didn't finish raping her!" Teresa slaps Esther. Esther starts to say something but Marta demands that they cease.
John, María
Foreplay non-nude
María says that she trusts John. Marta says, "We will do whatever is necessary to do." John approaches her as she casts her eyes downward. "So," John asks, leaning against her chair, "what about Tuesday?" "We'll be there Tuesday," Marta declares. John whispers, stroking María's face, "Three years without seeing you," and leans down to kiss her on the lips." Marta says, "It was a mistake to let him out." María's eyes linger, following John's as he pulls back and then she looks away.
John, María
In the dark, a flashlight plays over several pictures, including close-up portraits and nude photographs of María. John can be heard in the background, laughing and kissing. He says, "My dearest darling, do you know what you are, my dearest darling? You're a stupid cunt! A stupid cunt who doesn't even know what to do. María's voice chokes out with a soft cry. "And I'm an idiot, too," John complains, "Christ, I should have known." "Known what?" María asks tearfully. "Your mother set you up as bait and I nibbled. It's true, isn't it?" John asks, then more angrily, "Isn't it?" "Stop, don't!" María yells, "You bastard! They're right about you." John asks what they say. María lists several unfavorable attributes citing his cruelty and insanity. The camera pans back and reveals John on his bed, alone, pointing the flashlight around the room. Also in the room is a reel-to-reel tape playing. María declares that John isn't going to leave because Marta won't let him.
John, Esther, María
Implied, Foreplay non-nude
John talks to Esther about his psychiatric treatment. Esther sits down next to him and asks, "Maria would do it better, wouldn't she?" "You sound like a woman now," John says. She laughs demurely and asks, "Why didn't you marry her?" John gets up and looks over the land. He comments on the exotic vacations he'd planned and that María didn't want to go. Esther jumps in front of his line of sight and declares, "I would have!" She smiles at him and he strokes her hair. She puts her hand behind his neck and says, "I'd like to go away with you." He smiles briefly and then walks off, sitting down. He asks if she doesn't think he's insane and she denies it. He says that he really is crazy. She comforts him when he stops suddenly. He kneels down and picks up some rope and starts to bind her arms. He stops for a moment and says, "In every tragedy there is an innocent victim. In this case, you're it." She struggles briefly and asks what he's doing, this time more seriously. He doesn't answer her directly, instead more strongly continuing to bind her.
John, María
Foreplay nude
John gets to his room and sees some evidence that his things have been tampered with. María says, "I hope nobody saw you come up." John turns and sees María, dressed only in a button-up sweater. "Where did you leave my mother?" she asks. "Dead," John says, smiling, "In the garden." He walks up to María and kneels before her, stroking her shoulder. "Are you happy?" he asks, pulling the sweater down over her arms. "I'm all right," she says, not repelling his touch. He strokes his hands down her chest and she asks, "You sure no one saw you come up?" He strokes her face and runs her thumbs across the front of her throat. She closes her eyes until he grasps her throat, briefly, before standing and turning away. She follows him and pulls off his coat. When she asks what's wrong he walks away, talking about a war in the family. She drops her sweater and lays down behind him on his bed. He talks about the growth of his hatred and grabs her suddenly, then turns away from her again. She asks about Marta again and he soberly says, "I told you, dead!" He starts to reveal his plan to save himself from prosecution by eliminating all of the witnesses. He says all of this calmly, even saying that there is no "right and wrong," only rules. Finally María bolts for the door, but John catches her before she can escape.
John, Teresa
John confronts Teresa. He tells her, "I'm mad." "I can get you put away again. I'll even lie, if I have to." "You...already lied once. Told them...I tried to rape you," he says. He walks up to her and starts to undo her blouse, though not gently.

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  1. Bell from Hell at the Internet Movie Database

  1. ^ Viewed with English dubbing.
  2. ^ John in the English version.