Summary Information

  • Title: Daddy's Little Girl
  • Year: 1976
  • Produced in: United States
  • Film length: 58 min
  • Language: English
  • Film type: Adult
  • Incest summary: Father-daughter

Relevant Characters

Unseen Father
Gilda's Family
John Leslie
Mr. Nimitz
Laura Bourbon
Laura Nimitz

Specific Scenes

Incest Type
Unseen Father, Gilda
Mr. Nimitz goes into his bedroom to change for dinner and Gilda follows him. He nervously accepts his presence and starts to change. She asks what he's wearing, and then comments on his choice, "I hope they're sexy." He's confused and she clarifies, "Sexy. My father always wears sexy pants." He indulges her and asks what she means. She explains, "Oh, he wears those tight ones where his cock bulges out." He's still not quite used to her talking dirty. He brushes off her words and smiles, "Mine are kind of semi-tight, I guess." He does a double-take and asks how she sees her father's penis, "Does he show it to you or something?" She explains, "Oh, me and my father get together once in a while. Don't you and Laura?" He's taken aback and asks her to clarify. She grins at him and says, "Oh, I always help him out." As Mr. Nimitz works to take off his pants, she gasps and says, "Whoa! Here, let me help you," as she reaches for his groin. As she removes his belt she smiles at him and says, "I always help my father out." When he's shocked, she asks why, and he's at a loss. Once she has his pants open, she praises it as being bigger than her fathers's and begins to go down on him. After a while she lifts up and smiles, "It tastes just as good as my Daddy's." They get on the bed, he strips the rest of her clothes, and then asks, "Does your Daddy eat you?" She answers, "Yep." She compliments his oral sex as better than her father's, and soon thereafter he climbs on top of her.
Mr. Nimitz, Laura
Peeping nude
Laura comes out of her bedroom, ready for dinner, and sees Mr. Nimitz fucking Gilda. Her jaw drops, but she continues to watch, holding her chest and then her crotch.
Mr. Nimitz, Laura
Foreplay non-nude
Laura sits next to Mr. Nimitz and shows him some drawings she'd done when she was young, when her mother was still alive and they lived in a different house. While he looks through them, she cuddles up next to him on the couch and kisses him persistently, wrapping her arm over his chest. "Such a good daddy!" she compliments. He's nervous and uncomfortable, and comments that he didn't think she had the drawings anymore. She licks her lips and agrees, then leans forward and kisses his cheek very near his lips and begins stroking his chest, squeezing herself against him with a loud, "Mmmm!" He asks if she isn't getting a little old for that. She deliberately misunderstands, "I don't draw them anymore!" He clarifies and she says, "Well you are my daddy." He tries to make her understand, stammering and she asks, "Don't you like me to love you?" He says that he does, of course, and she complains that he used to when she was a little girl. He tries to tell her that she should be in bed, and she nods, rolling her eyes. She kisses his neck again and complacently agrees, "I'm going." He picks up his jacket to cover his erection and says that he has something to take care of in the kitchen. She sighs but agrees to get ready for bed.
Mr. Nimitz, Laura
At Gladys' urging, Mr. Nimitz goes to see Miss Pettibone. He's nervous, but knows that he has to deal with problems. He sits down and explains that he's frustrated; he says that he likes younger women. He says that he feels guilt, he'd more like relief. "I'd like to fuck them. Actually, I'd like to fuck my daughter, is what it comes down to." He says that she's beautiful, and he's excited when he watches her play with Gilda. Miss Pettibone explains that, "Incestual tendencies are not uncommon." She says that she sees it often. He asks what he can do, "Is there any way I could fuck her? What am I going to do?" She says that he has to release the tension, and starts to undress while she explains how much he has to find release. They make out and then have sex on her desk.
Mr. Nimitz, Laura
That night, Laura and Mr. Nimitz each masturbate in their respective beds while thinking of the other. Laura comes to a loud climax while he continues.
Mr. Nimitz, Laura
After Laura's climax, the camera switches to Mr. Nimitz and pulls back, revealing two open doorways between his bed and Laura's. He gets up, ties his robe, walks to her bedroom and leans on the jamb. He says that he was thinking about her drawings. She cheerfuly pats her bed and tells him that she wants to tell him something. "Something Gilda taught me today," Laura says, leaning toward him. She adds, "Something new. It's really fun!" He asks what and she starts caressing his bare thigh, explaining her threesome with Sparky and Gilda. While he contemplates a birthday party with cake, she moves her hand under his robe and says that she had sex for the first time, "and it sure was fun." He says he likes that. She asks what he wanted to talk about and moves her head toward his groin as he mumbles about it being a similar subject. She goes down on him for a while and then he strips off her night clothes and strokes her body. She returns to her blow job with gusto. When they start having sex, lying on their sides with Mr. Nimitz behind Laura, she is quite vocal about how much she enjoys it until he pulls out and cums on her belly. He puts it back into her as they wind down.

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