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Danny DeVito
Frank Reynolds
Father[1] , adoptive
Stephen Collins
Bruce Mathis
Kaitlin Olson
Deandra 'Dee' Reynolds

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Frank, Dee
Frank suggests to Dee that, in order to get the money that Barbara left to Bruce, Dee tell Bruce that she's engaged to Frank.
Frank, Dee
Frank and Dee prepare for their "grift". Frank says that he's going to act like a liberal, and tells her, "Now, when he gets here, I want you to hold my hand through the whole thing." She looks at him with distaste and says, "I won't do that." Frank answers, "Look. You've gotta stop thinking of me as your dad and start thinking of me as your fiancé, Seamus." Dee says, "Gross. Could we please try and think of a less creepy angle?" Frank defends his plan, "You gotta stay in character all the time." Just then the doorbell rings and he pressures her into holding his hand as they answer the door. Bruce is at the door and he offers his comfort. Dee introduces Frank as Seamus. Bruce pulls them into a hug.
Bruce, Frank, Dee
Bruce asks to see Dee and Frank in the kitchen. He says that they seem like a great couple and that he's ready to write a check, "But I just want to make sure that I'm helping you to have, like, the best relationship that you can so that these kids have a loving, stable home. And I know that this may sound a little weird, but I have a lot of training in family therapy. And I think for me to help you, I need to observe you at your most intimate. I...I need to observe you two making love." Dee and Frank are both in shock.
Bruce, Frank, Dee
Peeping non-nude, Foreplay non-nude
Bruce asks Dee and Frank, "So tell me, how do you two usually begin your love-making session?" Dee and Frank are dressed in bath robes, kneeling on Dee's bed. Dee hedges by saying that they start in many different ways. Bruce suggests, "Seamus, perhaps...perhaps you should start by, uh, kissing her neck, lightly." Frank answers, "Uh,, because we don't kiss. At all. No kissing." Dee agrees. Bruce notes that it isn't normal, but then asks what they usually do. Frank says, "I like to watch, so I'm going to bounce off the bed and observe." He goes to stand next to Bruce. Bruce explains Frank's behavior as healthy communication, "So perhaps now would be a good time for you to pleasure yourself for him. Then eventually Seamus will mount you." Dee responds, "Okay. You know what? I'm gonna have to stop this. I'm gonna come clean here because we've been lying to you." Frank tries to stop her, but Dee pushes ahead, "No. You know what? I'm sorry. We've been lying. And the reason is...we haven't had sex yet...because we're waiting until we get married." Frank latches on and backs up Dee's lie. Dee continues, "And I think that maybe that's what the tension is that you're feeling." Frank, "It's all sexual." Dee, "Oh, it's so sexual." Bruce says, "You know, I'm also a licensed minister. So why don't we just do a wedding? Like do it tomorrow? Because I've been thinking about it, and I should never give the money to an unmarried couple anyway." Dee and Frank look at each other and then agree.
Bruce, Frank, Dee
Peeping non-nude, Foreplay non-nude
Bruce holds the marriage ceremony at Dennis' mansion. Bruce starts with the ceremony, quickly getting to the point of asking Dee if she'll have Frank. She says, "I do." When Bruce turns to Frank and asks the same, he answers, "You betcha." Bruce pronounces them married. Frank thanks Bruce, who states, "You just married your daughter, Frank." Frank, shocked, asks, "You know who I am?" Bruce berates Frank for his terrible job of raising Dennis and Dee. Dennis comes up with a camcorder and asks Bruce to pronounce them "man and wife" again, "I wanna get that in a close-up." Bruce is shocked that Dennis would ask that of him. Mac yells, "Bruce, can you make 'em kiss this time, though?" Bruce sarcastically agrees. Bruce asks for the camera, but then declares that he's taking it to a lawyer, because Dennis isn't supposed to allow Frank in the house.

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  1. Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia at the Internet Movie Database

  1. ^ Dee and Dennis are Bruce's biological children, but Frank didn't find that out until they're adults (season 2, episode 10, Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad).