Summary Information

  • Title: My Mother... My Brother... and I
  • Alternate Title: Mother, Brothers & I
  • Year: 1973
  • Produced in: United States
  • Film length: 55 min
  • Language: English
  • Film type: Adult
  • Incest summary: Mother-son, Mother-daughter, Brother-sister

Relevant Characters

Mrs. Miller
Son, Brother
Daughter, Sister

Specific Scenes

Incest Type
Lance, Carol
Referenced, Hardcore
As the movie opens, Carol is writing in her diary about her exciting diary. She writes that she was horny when she woke up. The picture switches to show Carol in bed, touching her breasts. As it shows her again writing in her diary, she narrates, "I had already decided that today was to be the day I would let my brother Lance screw me good." As the picture shows Lance doing Carol from behind, doggy style, she narrates, "He was very shy and really needed some guidance. I really couldn't wait until Mom left the house." As the camera shows Mrs. Miller walking out to the car, Carol narrates, "I was determined to make a real man of my brother. Boy, was I in for a surprise!" Carol sucks off Lance, and then has him do the same for her. She narrates that she was surprised at how skillful Lance was. "It made me weak in the knees, and I suggested that may we please go into the bedroom to finish our incestuous activities." The picture switches back to showing Carol with Lance. She starts by giving him head, then getting into a 69 position with him. She climbs on top of him, and bounces on him, and they exchange cliché-filled banter as they have sex.
Mother-son, Mother-daughter, Brother-sister
Mrs. Miller, Lance, Carol
Peeping nude, Referenced
Lance orgasms and pulls out of Carol. She narrates, "Little did we know that Mother had returned from her shopping trip, from the bedroom had heard our squeals of delight." Mrs. Miller is seen squeezing her breasts while watching Lance and Carol having sex. "Poor, horny mother," Carol narrates, "It was just too much for her to bear." Carol narrates that Mrs. Miller shocks them by coming into the room, nude and ready for sex. At the same time, Carol narrates that her boyfriend, Steve came in just then. She narrates that she, Steve, and Lance took turns with Mrs. Miller. With the camera showing Carol on her bed, writing in her diary, she narrates, "Oops, Lance just woke up, and I bet I know what he wants. Oh boy, another day of fun and frolicking. After all, like Mom says, 'A family that screws together, stays together.'" As she finishes this line, Carol runs her hands over her butt.
Lance, Carol
Carol wakes in bed alone, nude. As she wakes, she contemplates her date with Steve that night, but also touches herself as she thinks, "but today is the day that I'm going to let my brother's hard cock fuck me good." She narrates about her aroused state, and stretches, reiterating her plans for the day. As she imagines (and the screen briefly shows) sex with Lance, she starts to masturbate. She notes that her breasts are sore from her time with Steve. Then she narrates, "I would really like to taste my brother's cum for breakfast."
Mother-son, Mother-daughter, Brother-sister
Mrs. Miller, Lance, Carol
The scene shifts and Carol narrates, "Little did I know that our passionate mother would be in a sexual clench with her son and daughter." Mrs. Miller is shown giving Lance a blow job. From there, they move through several positions of oral sex. After a time, Lance climbs on top of Mrs. Miller and holds her legs to his chest while Carol rims him.
Lance, Carol
Foreplay non-nude
After Mrs. Miller leaves, Carol starts flirting with Lance. They allude to a conversation the night before. Lance says, "I want to know something but...I just don't know, you're my sister." Carol reassures him, "That shouldn't bother you. It doesn't bother me." When he leans toward not getting into it with her, she says that he has to learn, and she's willing to teach. She brings up Mrs. Miller's words, that he's living a lonely life. Lance expresses his frustration with dating when he has so little time, but she reassures him that he's making inroads with a girl. She giggles and invites him to the bathroom with her.
Lance, Carol
Lance and Carol shower together, caressing each other. He notes how much her body has changed since last they bathed together. They stop showering and she licks and sucks his chest, making him moan, then sliding down to give him him. Before she finishes him, though, she pulls him up and has him kiss her body, too. As she pushes him lower to eat her out, he says, "You're the best sister a brother could have." While they continue, though, Mrs. Miller has gotten back early, and is on her way back into the house with her shopping. The scene switches between Lance continuing to kiss and hug Carol, and Mrs. Miller coming inside. Finally, Carol suggests that they go to the bedroom, and they leave the bathroom.
Mother-son, Mother-daughter, Brother-sister
Mrs. Miller, Lance, Carol
Lance and Carol masturbate side-by-side on the bed. While they're working themselves up, however, Mrs. Miller comes in and is shocked when she sees them. Mrs. Miller begins to masturbate, but then walks into the room. They're shocked to see her, but she raises her hand and orders them, "Don't stop. Just don't stop!" She starts to strip while they watch, motionless. She insists, "Now listen to your mother, don't stop!" Lance and Carol turn to each other and begin to make out. Carol exclaims about Mrs. Miller disrobing, but Mrs. Miller warns her again not to stop. Mrs. Miller finishes disrobing and slides into bed, first pressing her body against Lance's, then moving over to start licking Carol's body. Mrs. Miller moves on to sucking off Lance while Carol sits on his face. After some time, Steve calls from another room, distracting them.
Mother-son, Mother-daughter, Brother-sister
Mrs. Miller, Lance, Carol
Mrs. Miller, Lance, and Carol look up to see Steve walk in. While Carol laughs, Steve says, "Man! Mrs. Miller! What...what's going on here?" Mrs. Miller holds out her hand in welcome to Steve . He says, "This is crazy!" Lance explains, "No it isn't, Steve. Come on in and try it. I bet you didn't know we had a family like this." Steve is really surprised, but gives in and joins them on the bed. While Lance goes down on Mrs. Miller, Steve caresses Carol, and the action becomes much more entwined. Then that tangle resolves as Steve does Mrs. Miller, and Lance does Carol. As Steve climaxes inside Mrs. Miller and Lance climaxes inside Carol, the scene and the movie end abruptly.

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