Summary Information

  • Title: Seducing Maarya
  • Year: 1999
  • Produced in: Canada
  • Film length: 110 min
  • Language: English
  • Film type: Mainstream
  • Incest summary: Brother-sister

Relevant Characters

Cas Anvar
Nandana Sen

Specific Scenes

Incest Type
Zakir, Maarya
When asked about Zakir, Maarya replies, "Zak...taught me everything." She then looks up as if noticing Vijay for the first time, looking nervous, about to say more but resisting.
Zakir, Maarya
Foreplay non-nude
Zakir walks in. She asks him why he came. She slaps him and tells him that she had to leave him, that she had no choice. He grabs her arms and stops her hitting him. They fight weakly and he asks her what she wants him to do repeatedly, finally breaking down and crying atop her on the floor. He kisses her neck, she kisses his, and as he rises up she kisses him on the lips and they laugh. He asks again, suddenly serious, "What do you want me to do?" She answers, "Don't leave me." They kiss and embrace. A flashback ensues of Maarya from India, being pulled away from watching a fight by Zakir. The flashback ends and Zakir is briefly seen carrying her in his arms into the bedroom.
Zakir, Maarya
Implied, foreplay non-nude
Maarya and Zakir lie in bed, nude. She strokes his scarred back and tells him how she misses looking at him. She strokes and kisses each scar as she describes its origin. They play fight and she suddenly sees a new scar he hadn't had before. She grills him about it, and he's silent. He gets out of bed. As he dresses, he briefly explains that he'd joined a violent extremist group to help find Maarya. She comes to him and kisses him, embracing him and promising that she won't leave him. He cries as he holds and kisses her, and she strokes the back of his neck.
Zakir, Maarya
Zakir is picking his socks up off of the floor when Ashish walks into his bedroom. He confronts Zakir. Maarya walks in and is disconcerted to see both men in the room. Ashish confronts her, "Going somewhere?" She denies it. Zakir walks up to her and strokes her cheek, telling her, "You look very beautiful. Just like the very first time." Ashish confronts him for his identity and Maarya introduces him as her brother Zakir, and Ashish as her husband. The men shake hands.
Zakir, Maarya
Ashish asks Zakir point-blank, "So what did you two do in my bedroom?" Zakir replies, "We had some family business to take care of." Vijay asks, "What do you mean, exactly?" Maarya tries to change the subject. Zakir toasts Maarya, "Our one and only. My sister." The other two men grudingly toast and Maarya finds an excuse to leave the room. While Maarya makes tea, Vijay asks Zakir, "So you're leaving? I imagine business is taken care of." Zakir answers, "Family is India. I'm going home." Ashish chastizes him and tells Vijay to let him go. Then he complains, "God, I don't have enough people in my bedroom already?" A silence fills the room. Zakir says that Ashish is like a brother; he then asks if, should he stay, Ashish would convert to Islam. Ashish derides the notion, because Zakir doesn't even pray. Zakir starts to tell him about the last time he prayed and Maarya interrupts him. Ashish encourages him to speak. Zakir tells Ashish about his father's decapitation during riots in India. Zakir says that he made a vow that noone touches his family. Vijay tells Zakir that he doesn't know how life is. Zakir tells him that one doesn't leave what one loves. Ashish makes another crack about his presence in his bedroom, "Looking for India?" Maarya defends Zakir, but Zakir stops her, casually pulls out a switchblade, and eats some dessert. He says that noone will come between him and Maarya. Vijay tells him to put it away. Zakir grabs Maarya's arm and tells her to come with him. Ashish and Vijay threaten each other and Zakir waves around his knife. Maarya interrupts them all to tell them that she's pregnant with Vijay's baby.
Zakir, Maarya
Maarya goes upstairs to get away from the drama and Vijay and Zakir both follow her. Zakir asserts that she's going back to India with him, and Vijay contests it. Maarya asks, "What about my baby?" Zakir says that he'll take care of it. Vijay and Zakir get into a shouting match over who made love to Maarya. Maarya interrupts them to tell them that the child belongs to noone but her. Zakir finally comes to accept that Vijay did actually sleep with Maarya. Fisticuffs ensue. In the end, Maarya gets between Zakir and Ashish, says that the violence is why she left Zakir in the first place. He puts the knife in her hand and tells her, "I live for you. I'd die for you." He kisses her and asks her to forgive him. Maarya then demands that he leave. Zakir grudgingly walks out.
Zakir, Maarya
Maarya leaves a note behind after she leaves for India with Zakir. She says that nobody understands him, that he's her family. She says that it's "freedom without choice"; to return to India is the only thing that she can do. Having read this, naturally Vijay empties a revolver into the bedding.

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